Why We Fight (Stormtrooper in Heaven)

Having admirably served the Empire and given his Cloned life in a futile attempt to ward off a band of Rebel Scum, this Stormtrooper is at last enjoying his just rewards: VIRGINS IN HEAVEN Y'ALL!

Another neat trick of control: Use basic human instinct to divide and conquer. You'll note that fundamentalists of all stripes seek to control sexuality - whether it be a sweaty fat Snake Handlin' Southern Baptist or a  bearded Imam from the Wahabi School of No Nookie. They both know it's the key to controlling people. It's really well developed in the various schools of Jihad though, to wit: You keep men and women apart; you highly regulate all aspects of their interaction (to no one's happiness); and when the hormones have reached their maximum power (teens/early 20's), you promise them sex IF they do certain things for you. Like wearing a suicide vest. IF you do this for us, you will be granted all the sex you could ever dream of. Really.

It's ludicrous, of course, but so is all religion. But as I've well observed, if you are raised in a stew of insanity, the insane makes sense, and you'll follow it naturally enough as long as there are no external "breaks". Thus, repressed Virgins convinced to kill themselves in order to get laid.

Religion only makes sense as an instrument of Control and Power, and from that perspective, it's fantastically successful.

Note for future Utopians: Align your laws with human nature. It's the only logical and compassionate way to run a civilization.


veralynn said...

'Note for future Utopians: Align your laws with human nature. It's the only logical and compassionate way to run a civilization.'

now that's just crazy talk Redshirt....

did you see the new Pew poll about how establishment GOP people "believed" in climate science until the fundamentalists got control of the messaging? It is very scary. I think someone at Balloon Juice covered it, but I saw it on Steve Benen's site as well. Makes that old saying if you say it long enough it becomes truth true. Which is why we just need to blow ourselves up and start over with no religion. Mother Earth would do well not to allow our species to continue down this path. Of course, I could just be maudlin because I watched 2012 last night.

Redshirt said...

Buck up veralynn! Logic and science will win out in the end, if for no other reason than they are more profitable. Barring some Palinapolypse, we'll all be fine. But if the end does come in fire and babble, why not enjoy that too? At least you can say you were here to see the end of the story of man! It will be a conversation piece in Repuglican Hell. FOR EVER!!!