Once more into the ditch

Say it proudly! And hurriedly - I'm sure masturbation is high on the list of things to be banned when our Teatard puppets take over tomorrow. Y'know, cuz of small government and all.
 All these pics are from the incredible Stewart/Colbert rally this past weekend in DC. I was inspired for no other reason than 1. It's always nice to see large groups of people who believe in many of things you do, especially after 2 years of artificial coverage of these teabaggin' fools. And 2. They correctly identified the real villain in our current tragedy, or at least a villain we can tackle: the media itself. 
 To wit: Because the MSM seeks ratings in order to obtain advertising revenue, they are hardwired to egg on conflict, to play to the extreme, to maximize drama, etc. All for the eyeballs, just like any TV show. But should the news hold itself to the same standards as, say, "Jersey Shore". It shouldn't, but it does. And this needs to be made clear to everyone.
 Which is the final point Stewart had to make: Sure, you have disagreements all the time in a democracy, but that's what the process is all about. No need to resort to calling your opponent - whomever it is - Hitler, just because he holds a different view. But in this atmosphere of extremism, Fox is doing nothing but stirring this pot. And when they stir, hundreds of others fall in line. If we cannot talk reasonably to each other, than talking will cease, and violence will begin.

In my darker moments, I fear that's the point entirely. Never, ever forget this: The Oligarch's main tool of control is "Divide and Conquer", specifically by pitting disenfranchised groups against each other. Poor Whites v. African Americans, for example. Logically, both groups likely have 98% of the same concerns, yet because of this "Divide and Conquer" tactic, they are at each other's throats. While at each other's throats, they forget their similarities and focus on the anger, and in so doing, while this is going on, the Oligarchs get whatever it is they want (almost always: Power, money).

2010 is just a prelude in the crazy, of course. The election of 2012 starts tonight as well, alas. And here's your nightmare doomsday scenario:


veralynn said...

two things....

first) the rally was spectacular
second) while driving home today I got behind a truck that has what I thought was a McCain/Palin sticker. I had misread, as our eyes tend to do (not my old age), it actually said McCain/Pain

now doesn't that make you smile? it did me.....

Redshirt said...

Funny! You were there? Did you take any good photos? It looked like a blast.

That's a pretty subtle bumper sticker - too subtle? Might cause an accident just getting close enough to read it.

veralynn said...

I went out and bought my first digital camera for it, I have been told my pics turned out okay, but they may have just been trying to be nice. (I am southern, it's what I'd do)

I did not get to hear or see the rally, but after, we walked around and got some really good pics. My favorite is of a Christine O'Donnell look a like being escorted by a man size penis....holding a sign "Bad, Bad Penis".......and there's a zombie behind them. :) I don't care what anyone says, I had a great time and it will make a difference in the long run.

Redshirt said...

It's too bad ODonnell's not in the news anymore. She wrote the jokes herself! I'll have to console myself with ever more Palin.