Moran Supremacy

This image nicely and neatly sums up much about America today. Read what you like into it - it's all there. Also, a nice object of parody:
A topical mashup.
 Satire at its finest. 
 And what could be more American than an ironic T-Shirt mass produced in China.



l.e.s.ter said...

"Jewy-talkin jews sitting around doin their jew talk" is priceless. I love the appropriation and sharing that the internet encourages. Is it too much to suggest that we're almost becoming Borg-like in our collective interwebs mind?

Redshirt said...

I do love the Hive Mind! And I don't think it's too much at all to suggest a Borg like destination for all of this. Think of this: There will be - soon - implants that will allow you to surf the internet using only your thoughts. Think of the communication avenues opened up by this - I could just "think" this response, for example.

I would expect eventually we will all have the internet - and all of human knowledge on it - in our heads, available to be accessed with a thought. If that ain't Borg like, nothing is.