Always deeper

I wanted to share a revelation I've had about holes: They can always go deeper. No matter how deep you think you are in the hole now, know with 100% certainty you can always go deeper. So, don't wait to get yourself out.

Also, I never realized how similar Superman's hair is with Jack Kerouac's - go ahead and look for yourself. I'm sure it was a popular hair cut back in the day, but it's strikingly  similar. I'm trying to think what a Super-Kerouac would be like. Probably something like: 'Upupup and upupup and Dean said go upupup and away to the blue American sky hanging low over the dirt farmers and assorted railroad vagrants pining time in the inky black arms of..... (it can go on like this indefinitely)." Additionally, Superman sucks. No drama, and giving up your powers for Lois Lane? Lame.

Also, too:
It's a big world, filled with all kinds of crazy folks.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this account of Soundwave's (Transformers) home life. He was not included in the 21st-century Transformers movies, since he only transformed into a tape-deck.

Redshirt said...

Awesome! That was hilarious. I'd love to see an entire movie based around the exploits of this tape-deck robot.

I'm sure I already know the answer without looking, but I wonder if there's any Steampunk Transformer out there....