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A synergy of sorts, but the only one I could find: A stormtrooper at a Teabaggin' rally. The sign reads, in case it's too small: "Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies" - Ron Paul.

In case you've forgotten, a sizable percentage of these wingnuts worship RONPAUL! For some reason. And in true fascist "please give us a King"  form, they've taken RONPAUL's son RANDPAUL under the same heavenly wing. You know - RANDPAUL, guy with the Goon Squad who smashes women's heads into curbs because they DARE hold up a protest sign?

I laugh, I cry, at the shocking dissonance revealed in this sign - here's a guy attending a rally dedicated to lies, to stoking fear and hatred, and yet he thinks HE's the one in possession of the truth. And so it is with many/most of these ignoramuses. You could tell them there's plenty of proof for Evolution, but they won't hear it, cuz "They know what they know". They will only listen to approved sources, and then completely uncritically.

In a way, these people reflect a great failing in our education system, since they have seemingly now ability to think critically, or sort lies from the truth. Rather, they've gone so deeply tribal that anything - ANYTHING - perceived as coming from the "Other" is immediately discounted. Completely.

How do you talk with morans like this?

Here's a start:
  Find common interests, and build a foundation of trust from that!

Tomorrow is going to be crazy, I suspect, and possibly grim. We are still on the fine line of... many things. There's been a big uptick in violence and dirty tricks from the usual suspects. I hope nothing happens tomorrow.

There's a few basic scenarios that will happen tomorrow: Dems keep both houses, Teabaggers/Fox declare massive voter fraud and spend the next weeks breathlessly pushing that angle.

Repugs win house/Dems maintain Senate. Some voter fraud, but also the Nation getting back to its senses and putting Repuglicans back in power.

Repugs win both houses - the rightful order has been restored, almost. Time for Impeachment hearings!

Don't think so? Even if they only win the House, keep an eye out for Daryl Issa from CA - he'll be launching bullshit hearing after hearing.

Amazing trick, I still marvel at the what the Repugs have accomplished since St. Ronnie's Revolution: Spend like crazy, but claim you're for small government; outsource all domestic manufacturing, keep wages stagnant, relentlessly attack social programs that benefit the middle class, and claim you're for the "Common man"; meddle in everyone's personal business, but claim your against "intrusive government". Break the country, and then when someone tries to fix it, do everything in your power to stop them, all the while blaming them for all the problems.

And that's where we are today, with the Media fully on board. Ready to give a portion of power back to an even crazier, more incompetent group of jackals than the last.

And if it happens, we deserve whatever we get. Sorry, rest of the world/future!

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