U Sexy Bag o' Bones

That's right baby, work it! Play for the camera! Yeah-Yeah...

That's it yes! Yes! More of that! 

 From a real photo some guy. X-Ray photos of a model. 

Two things here: 1. X-rays: You know they're just different frequencies of the same electromagnetic radiation, right? Like visible light, like microwaves, like radio waves, like infrared waves... etc. Point being, what we "see" is but a small sliver of the overall energy. If we developed differently, we'd see everything differently. Thus, what is seeing, but a matter of....

2. Perspective. Really, all roads lead back to perspective. Consider the sexiest woman/man you could ever think of, then think of them as a water bag with a skeleton infrastructure all designed to transport a brain-stem system that in turn is designed to simply reproduce the genetic code driving the entire show in the first place. NOT SEXY! Puts things in perspective though, don't it?

Reality is rarely sexy. Truth is not sexy. What is sexy, however, is that which appeals to our genetic impulses. Not even to you, necessarily, but to the genes. And that's a huge perspective shift, if you can dig it: YOU are not the driver in your own life; you're merely the vehicle. The genes are directing the travel, and when you are all rusted up in the junkyard, they'll have moved on, leaving you to be recycled.

That's about as big a perspective shift as an individual can have vis-a-vis themselves: You are not in charge.

Try and think about things from this perspective when it comes to your emotions, or your desires, or even just the basic patterns of your day. It can be enlightening, if not depressing. But then, the truth usually is.


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Skeletons are hot. Especially Red Skelton.

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hips to die for