Springtime for a Predator

Yeah, it's disturbing. But! Predators must fall in love too, so, get over your human biases! Dayum!

Also, I've been on a kick of watching bad 80's movies lately - the kind that are so "80's" bad they've magically become good. Like Gymkata, just for example. Hypothesis: Every 80's movie features a montage of some sorts. Prove me wrong!

Anyways, I caught the first half of Predator last night, and it's never been terrible, but still: The 80's factor is awesome! The handshake scene between Arnold and Carl Weathers is so 80's you could make it a "Wish you were here" postcard from 1987. 
 Now that's 80's!

So, as you head into the worst weekend of the year (Daylight savings ends, perpetual darkness begins) and you're looking for something to do, give bad 80's movies a try.  Redshirt recommended! If you're unsure where to begin, I'd recommend "Commando".

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