Your Friendly Neighborhood Policeman

Does this look like a guy there to help you? Or, is he there because our entire society is under attack - we're at WAR! - and you should be very afraid? Do you think he feels friendly and helpful, or paranoid and defensive? What do you think dressing up in black Stormtrooper gear does for your mindset?

I'll tell you what it does: It makes it easy to taser ANYONE who does not immediately comply with whatever it is you're demanding they do.

If you'd like to get some chills about the state of our society, read up on police use of tazers in America - just cover the last couple of years. You'll get the full flavor of what it means to live "in the home of the free, land of the brave".



l.e.s.ter said...

Of course, on the New York subway no one even notices.

Redshirt said...

Which is a NYC thing to be sure. But is it not a bit sad that we can become inured to heavily armed stormtroopers in our public spaces? Surely there was a time in our history where there very presence would have been controversial. Now "they're just protectin' our freedoms!"