A New and Mighty Dialectic

Another photoshop from the same source - different artist though, but still unknown. The premise of these wonders was simple: Someone found an old Spider Man coloring book at a yard sale, scanned in the pages to the interweb, and then a community of people proceeded to make different funny versions of the images. Some were not so good, of course. Others were wondrous.

Think of this mighty power that did not exist not so long ago - or if it did, in no way similar in terms of speed and effectiveness. It's incredible: Worldwide a group of somewhat like-minded individuals have voluntarily found each other via an electronic medium wherein they are unlikely to ever see these other people or know very much about them. Together, they create wonders of new ideas. Not that these results are necessarily groundbreaking, but who knows: When mining for diamonds, you have to go through a lot of dirt.

I'll Cassandrafy for ya, and predict this dialectic will only increase in power and frequency. It is likely we will soon be merging our brains with internet-like networks, instantly connecting us to the entirety of human knowledge, allowing us instant communications with anyone else in the world - or all of them. The possibilities are endless, and we will find them, step by step. This process is well underway.

It's wonderful, and terrible, like everything.


z said...

"It's wonderful, and terrible, like everything." Aye, wisdom.

Redshirt said...

The Beauty and the Terror.