Tiny Octopus

Look at this cute guy! But don't be deceived: Octopi are wicked smart, and if we don't keep a close eye on 'em, it's likely they'll eventually form some alliance with the dolphins, whales, and monkeys to overthrow us. BE PREPARED!

Seriously, though: Wicked smart. I saw a special on octopii and it showed how one octopus in a tank, watching another octopus in a separate tank navigate a puzzle to get a treat - time and time and time again the octopus who was watching would instantly solve the puzzle, proving they ability to learn by watching: a powerful ability.

Also, look how translucent this guy is. The chameleon powers of some octopus are simply amazing, but when I look at this little guy, I can see right through him, which reminds me of a fundamental truth: We (all life) is empty. Empty spaces in atoms, in molecules, in organs, in skin. We are 70% water! If you were told anything else was 70% water, you'd instantly conclude it would be a very liquid, but perhaps viscous substance. I bet you don't think that about yourself though.

Perspective, as always. It's the key to wisdom, I think.


skramly said...

Wow. This is very cool. And he's cute too!

Redshirt said...

Octopi are awesome. I just learned yesterday that they can taste and smell via the "suction cups" on their tentacles, and in fact these suction cups can independently move AND can be independently controlled apart from the brain - so, one arm might be rejecting an untasty treat while another is moving it up towards the mouth.

Impressive creatures.