Long Prophesied

Here's a picture of a "real life" "superhero" - Z. You can read all about Z's adventures, as well as the rest of his Justice League, here

It's an OK start - I like the numbers I'm hearing about (100-400), though I assume that's inflated, and very few people are serious.

I've been waiting so long for this - since the 70's, really, with the combination of heavy doses of comic books and "Death Wish" with Charles Bronson; mix in Bernie Goetz and the Guardian Angels, plus my first discovery of "The Punisher", and it's seemed to me only a matter of time before someone takes it to the next level - and goes full costumed crime fighter/vigilante.

Now, it might have happened many times and we've never heard about it, since it seems likely the cops would want to keep it quiet. But I think we've entered the age of Super-Vigilante's, for the following reasons:
1. Martial Arts. Many, many more people know how to fight than in the past.
2. Steroids - many more people can take drugs to increase their size.
3. Special Forces - our latest wars have been heavily focused on Special Forces; these folks, once they leave the military, can easily move on to high-paying mercenary work - why not a few in the hero biz?
4. Breakdown of our culture/EXTREME - everything's more extreme these days, both good and bad. Thus, the chances that someone will take this theme in both directions: Super heroes AND Super villains.

So, while Z and his group are getting close, they're not quite there yet, cuz frankly they're not crazy enough. But soon. I sit in my High Castle and declare: Soon.

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