Another wonderful photoshop by an anonymous artist from the internet. Images like this are often the result of many iterations by several people, each adding an element until there is a collective agreement perfection has been reached. It's a wonderful example of a dialectic in action, as each person is feeding and thusly building on ideas from another.

It's how we all operate, every day, every moment. Even within ourselves - a constant dialectic of action, reaction, and synthesis which turns into a new action. Which is really just another way of saying "cause and effect" - everything is connected in a chain of causality, where each effect becomes a new cause creating a new effect, which in turn is a new cause, and so on. Forever.

Everything is in a causal relationship with everything else. Everywhere, and for all of time.

The dialectic can thusly be viewed as simply the ebb and flow within a closed system of energy.

Resulting in everything, including this EXTREME photoshop.

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