Wanna know what love is?

Forget what the minstrels have told ya, love is but a collection of genetic behaviors that compel mammals to fuck. By fucking, they pass on the genes, which is - of course - the true point of life. We are but the vehicles for these genes, who lived long before us and will live long after us, as long as we perform our duty: to fuck, and give birth, and at least provide for this child the opportunity to do the same.

Dogs know this, as does every other mammal - implicitly. In fact, other than eating/drinking, it's the entire purpose of their lives, both practically and metaphorically. Humans, on the other hand, have twisted and cloaked our genetic impulses into an infinitude of weird and sometimes beautiful behaviors. We shame ourselves for feelings that come naturally to every other mammal, brutally attempting to control the very act - a motivation of most religions?

Add to this twisting the very actual fact we are now directly modifying all sorts of crazy genes, and you see one glaring aspect that makes us human - that separates us in many ways from the rest of our mammal brethren: we have taken some control over the genes! After billions of years of the genes writing the story of life, we humans - godlike - are now directly editing the script, at least some of the margins.

Surely, nothing can go wrong!

So yeah, sure, maybe love - your love - IS special, beyond the genes.
Or maybe not.

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