A Legend is Born

Say hello to Kanellos, the Greek Protest Dog (there's your search terms). The Internet has not completely settled on a name for this awesome guy, but I'm going with Kanellos.

Witness just a small slice of his heroic adventures:
This guy is near and dear to my heart as I was in Athens a few days before these protests (December 2008), right in these neighborhoods, and I made friends with lots of the dogs (and cats) that were roaming around the street - they were everywhere. It was shocking at first to see dogs hanging out on top of the Acropolis, for example, but I quickly warmed to the guys. They were all very friendly, for the obvious begging reasons. I also assumed many of these dogs and cats had owners, they were just free to roam around wherever they wanted.
Anyways, Kanellos shows up in tons of photos of these protests, leading the charge in some cases. It's easy to understand from a dog behavior perspective: He's begging from the protesters, who are nice to him; the cops are easily identifiable and are mean to him AND the people he thinks of as his pack. Thus, he becomes an active agent in the protests, protecting his pack (source of food, kindness).

Or, perhaps he's just an anarchist dog:


z said...

AHAHAHAHAH this really made my day!

Redshirt said...

Kanellos rules.