We must protect this Bull!

You ain't gonna worship this sacred bull, buddy. Move along, pal, nothing to see here.
Brass balls!
24/7 protection by NYC's finest, except
When Christians want to unironically pray to their Golden Bull for the Resurrection of the economy in 2008. You know, for Jesus!
But like Jesus, they all died and rose from the dead. BRAINS, MORANS! Which led to the fences, of course. After all:
So no more of these pictures, alas!
Which really is no big loss - we've already got enough.


l.e.s.ter said...

So much for not worshiping the golden calf. Moses would be having a conniption.

Redshirt said...

[MC Fields] Where's your Messiah now, see?[/MC Fields]

Seriously though, I'm gonna put the over/under of the Bull remaining to: 19 months. Place your bets!

Also, it's a crazy symbol that has achieved Internet Memedom and so cannot exist long in meatspace.