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Magneto is one of the best mythic characters ever created, in my humble opinion. First, his power is the best - control over the power of magnetism. Think what an incredible power this is - all magnetic materials are at his command. He could rip apart the Earth if he wanted to.

Second, he's a villain, but his cause is debateably just: Mutant Power!
The Marvel comic universe is divided into two large, broad categories of super powered individuals: Mutants, and regular folk with powers. For example, Iron Man has technology. Spiderman was bitten by a radioactive spider and thus gained spider powers. The Hulk was made by gamma radiation. And so on - external events or external tools make the hero. Regular folk who obtained super powers and became heroes.

Mutants, on the other hand, have genetic mutations which give them their super powers. Creatively, this allows for a writer to create any kind of super power they'd dream up, with little concern for backstory/justification. It's a mutation - 'nuff said. It works too within the broader bounds of science - some mutation of the human gene allows for super strength, or super healing, or the ability to control other people's minds. Professor X, y'all, the Yin to Magneto's Yang. It's plausible, and the conflict which this creates is subtle and understandable - mutants versus "normals".

Magneto is for Mutant rights, to save this small group from the fear and hate of the larger Homo Sapien population. Professor X is all about enforcing the Homo Sapien agenda.

But you see here how Captain Picard really feels.


Madeline Ashwell said...

Magneto is awesome, one of my favorite comic book characters ever!

Redshirt said...

The only super powered person speaking the truth.

SatanicPanic said...

Xavier and Magneto's relationship was one of the best in the old Xmen comics- old friends who were working toward the same goal but with wildly different ideas on how to get there.

Redshirt said...

Yeah, the Magneto/Professor X relationship is the best in all comics. Nuanced!