Red Son Set

From the "What if" Superman comic "Superman: Red Son", which, I'll point out for the few non-super nerds in the audience, has a double meaning. "Red" for Soviet, as this story tells the tale of Kal-El crashing in Ukraine instead of Kansas, and the history that unfolds from that small change in impact trajectory.

The second, more subtle meaning is Kal-El is from a Red Sun system - Krypton. In truth, the entirety of Superman's powers come from living on a Yellow Sun world, like Earth. If you sent Superman back to a Krypton like planet, he'd be just a normal dude like you and me (except super swole). Thus, "Red Son", as Kal-El is the last "legitimate" person from Krypton. There's been some criminals and other undesirables, but they don't count.

Yet, sadly, even Soviet Superman couldn't save Communism.
Defeated, by greed, and freedom. It's sadly true.
If you agree that, in THEORY!, Communism is based on "sharing", and Capitalism is based on "greed", then you can see how perhaps we live in the evil Universe, today, where Capitalism reigns supreme, to the max. And this is why:
The freedom of the individual (and his/her cliques) as compared to CENTRAL PLANNING and other high handed Communist attempts to mold human society. The lesson is: A Central Power should not try and mold a society. Rather, give it the freedom and protection it needs to mold itself within the bounds of that society.

South Korea compared to North Korea is our real time lab experiment. South Korea, like it or not, is the fucking future.
That door has closed.

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