The New Protector

I miss "Lost". Really. It was such an engaging show. So many great stories, so many great characters, like Hugo, or AKA Hurley, The New Protector. Hail!
If you've never watched "Lost", do so immediately.


Anonymous said...

It is wrong that you encourage any human being to watch Lost without giving the much needed warning about the last several seasons all being an incoherent mishmosh of made-up-as-you-go nonsense. Your readers will eventually resent you for your recommendation.

Redshirt said...

I don't agree! No doubt, season 7 was the weakest of the bunch, but that's relative to the overall awesomeness of the show.

Season 6 was fantastic - DHARMA days? I loved it.

I also liked how the show generally ended. I can quibble with a few plot points, but that's minor to me.

l.e.s.ter said...

To quote The Onion, "Poor Bastard Who Just Started Watching 'Lost' In For World Of Disappointment."