Fun times in and around the DMZ

For whatever reason, L'il Kim has decided to stir the geopolitical plot and declare war on everyone. Check out the attack map above. Sorry, Austin!
No one believes NK can reach the US with any missile, but maybe L'il Kim thinks otherwise. Hard to say what anyone thinks or believes in North Korea - it truly is cut off from the rest of human civilization. Check out the night time satellite:
It's been a humanitarian disaster for decades, due to the extreme leadership of the Kim family, in the name of the perfect Communist society, of course. With the recently deceased Kim, the temper tantrums were usually designed to extract some concession from the international community - food aid, trade pacts, imports of luxury goods for the Party leaders. But with the young Kim, who knows. He's gotten very belligerent very quickly. Most likely this will follow the same pattern as before, but maybe not. Till then, let's review some fun times at the DMZ and beyond.
Fun fact! The Korean War (1950-1953) never ended - the war is still on. Thus, the DMZ, one of the most intense places in the world. We're looking from the South Korean side into North Korea along one of the few open spots on the DMZ. The blue (UN Blue, yo) buildings are used for rare meetings between the two sides.
Standard policy whenever opening the door to North Korea - holding hands. Awww. Apparently way back in the day a S.Korean guy opened the door and was dragged over to the N.Korean side until ransomed back. Fun!
So you're an intrepid hipster and want to go on vacation in North Korea. Here's some travel tips.
Might as well stick to Pyongyang. There ain't much else going on. Check out the cool HOTEL OF DOOM (most likely fake):
Now, ladies, there's only Party approved hairstyles allowed. Please conform to the following chart:
That's right! North Korea is not just about nuclear threats and famines. There's a sexy new style sweeping the Hermit Kingdom:
Join the Revolution!


l.e.s.ter said...

Hey, Dennis Rodman is a fan!

Redshirt said...

From the "Reality is stranger than fiction" files, Rodman might be the best ambassador available to talk with NK. The Worm!

What a world.