Fluff tha Police

Oxford's finest - dedicated towards putting down overzealous keggers.
There's far too many pictures of militarized police posing with their new toys on the internet. But if you spend that kind of money, you want some documentation.
You're really the "Reading Rainbow" guy? Totally, man.
That's the epic 2 pound joint confiscated at the recent Denver 4/20 celebration. Read it and weep.
Or smoke it and dream.
Never stop living your art.
Never stop expressing yourself. Never stop fighting The Man - Fuck The Police!

Click below for literal example.

Yeah, a little too excited for work today.


l.e.s.ter said...

Oxford, Alabama has a police tank? The population there is 20,000 people! Jeez.

Redshirt said...

Or Oxford, MS. Not sure which one. Regardless, if any super terrorists show up there, big trouble!