Taasty Braains

Mmm, brains. So sweet and tasty. For a zombie, of course, but how 'bout for you? Ever eat brain? Some folks have, all fancy like no doubt, and in the past (way back) most folk did, I reckon - would you pass up any food in 26,000 BCE?

This is a thing, by the by - brain cupcakes. Ask the Great GIS, you'll see. And I marvel at it, as I do all things ridiculous and over the top and just plain wacky, for it is in our creative frivolity when we are most human, aye, when in fact we define humanity par excellence. For it is in luxury, splendor, absurdity that humanity is defined apart from all other life, cuz seriously, what other form of life could even conceive of brain cupcakes?

So I see it too with vegetarianism, also by the way. It's a luxury, a decadence for a scavenger species. We are so well off as a species that I, vegetarian, can forsake biology and evolution and forge a new path, one arguably more healthy and beneficial to the Earth as a whole, but still, a luxury. For when that asteroid hits and sends our planet into decades of darkness, I would not refuse a bite of jerky or hard tack, or even fresh brain. Calories would be all that matters, then. Now? Choice.

And it is in the choosing we are human - in the luxury of choice.

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