Pineapple Girl

A super hero from the Fruit-o'-the-Loomverse - a world of fruit powered heroes, and villains.... (The Green Olive - disgusting). Pineapple Girl has the power of Pineapple - obviously! - but also additional grape based powers, giving her a powerful bouquet. Beware, Olive Gang! Pineapple Girl is on the scene!

Also too: The Avengers movie ruled. Best super hero movie on film to date, and I'm prepared to argue it. The new Batman films would be in the discussion. But nothing else comes close.


Blue Collared Snob said...

It was good because you didn't have to sit through 45 minutes of "origin story" before they all hooked up to do Avenging. If they had just done an Avengers film without the subsequent movies it would have been Nick Fury and Elwood Blues trying to round everyone up for the first hour of the movie.
That is probably why I'm not so excited about the new Spider-Man movie because I know I have to sit through the Origin Story, AGAIN.

Redshirt said...

Great points about origin stories, but I have to disagree with your witty Blues Brothers reference.

There was a "let's get the band together" plot for the first hour or so - each character was recruited. But I found it quite enjoyable. I've not seen any of the other movies either - incredible, I know.

But, I knew the story from my many years of comic book reading, and was absolutely delighted with the fidelity of the movie to the original works. For example, Loki was portrayed exactly like he was in the comics - powerful, destructive, but ultimately foolish and prone to errors of emotion.