Electric Mayhem

The original Electric Mayhem, from left to right: Zoot (sax), Janice (lead guitar), Sgt. Floyd Pepper (bass, natch), and the beloved Animal (drums, natch to the max). Also, "Electric Mayhem" is a spectacular band name. And this was a great band - have you seen the Muppet Show from back in the day? Recall it? Here. Twas awesome and quite sophisticated. With great music. Also too: Fantastic costumes from some Comic Con. Mucho kudos to the dedicated nerds who made and wore them.
With Dr. Teeth, of course, and the late addition of Lips, the trumpet player.

I love - from afar - the makers of costumes and the results of their efforts. It's such a clear of example of noble intention and sincere pursuit. It's done for the love of it, and that makes it pure and worthy of praise. Holla!

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