The evolution of Ice Cube mirrors our society. Strangely!

Consider: Ice Cube was once a hard core gang banger. Now he stars in family friendly movies and lives in a large mansion with many luxuries. This is the power of Power: Pleasure or punishment. Co-opt those that can be co-opted with easy pleasures and loose chains. Those who actively oppose must be crushed.

And so we see the evolution of celebrity. Ice Cube was once hardcore but is now family friendly. AC-DC was once forbidden to "normal" audiences. Now their music is used in commercials, pregames, and radio lead ins. Tattoos were once the province of sailors and criminals. Now Redshirt's Mom has one, and so many more. You see?

Our world has become EXTREME! In all regards. Not surprising, I suppose, given the last 70 years of humanity. But how to jibe with our current Theocratic longings, with the rise of the lunatic Tea Party?

Notes for future oppressors: A middle class is your best friend, as they provide the stability necessary to make your reign long lasting. Oppress your subjects too much and they will rebel, to everyone's loss. Keep a slight majority well fed and entertained and you and yours can rule forever.

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