Cool hair, right? I can't be bothered to look up his name, but he's one of the "experts" from the "History" Channel show "Ancient Aliens", which, of course, is a farce. But at least it has some relevance to history! As we learn aliens did everything cool in the past. Pyramids. Stonehenge. Mayan Temples. Hell, even the damn Ziggurats were Alien made. Humans suck, apparently.

Here's my old man yells at a cloud rant:

Once there was a time when the "History" Channel showed actual historical shows at all hours of the day, except for infomercial time. And lo! There once was a day when the Discovery Channel was chock a block with nature/science/history shows, rather than "NORTH COUNTRY JUSTICE". The SciFi Channel showed science fiction shows, of all things. Today, there's wrestling. The Learning Channel (TLC) showed awesome shows like "Connections" and other educational programming. Now it's all weird medical conditions and trashy people doing trashy things.

And yes, the MTV showed music videos.

Here's the "History" Channel lineup for this Friday night:

7 PM Pawn Stars
8 Pawn Stars
9 American Pickers
10 American Pickers
11 American Pickers

My point? Everything's going to LCD. For good or ill I leave to your judgement.

PS: I've been using """ marks in the sarcastic sense. ktxb


Blue Collared Snob said...

American Pickers, does that have to do with Banjo players? Earl Scruggs did just die a few months ago.

Redshirt said...

I wish. No, it's about people who go to flea markets or antique shops or people's garages. Shopping. History!

Cassie said...

Love that photo! And, yes it's always aliens.

Redshirt said...

It's really an insult to the accomplishments of people in the past - who were just like you and me - to explain everything with "Aliens". Like man is not Godlike enough to move the world in pursuit of some petty goal? IE - a tomb.

Blue Collared Snob said...

I was watching an interview with Stephen Colbert (out of character) and Neil Degrasse Tyson at some college earlier today on YouTube in which NDT was saying that peoples lack of scientific understanding made some ideas and technology seem like magic or in this case Aliens did it.

Redshirt said...

I think it's partly a religious impulse. 200 years ago, the same folks would have said "Angels did it".