OG (pre-old-school)

Word. L'il gangsta's keepin' it real. And extra fresh.

But seriously: Hilarious. And sad - this boy's life is no doubt already ruined, destined for frequent run ins with the law and perhaps an untimely death. And for why? The sins of his parents.

Also too: Memes repeating at the cultural level. The gangsta look is relatively new in China, but I bet it's extremely popular among certain groups. Imported via evil American media, no doubt.

Think of the power of the meme - someone/people in America invents gangsta culture, based on mafia movies. This invention in turn inspires people in far away lands to emulate that culture, thereby producing behaviors that would never occur organically. The meme jumps from mind to mind and can re-write everything if the winds are right.


l.e.s.ter said...

"He Ain't Old School -- He's Preschool!" I am seriously pitching this TV series. But please tell me that tatt is temporary.

Redshirt said...

As with many pictures here, I'm not sure where this came from. I bet that tat is real - why not? Playa gotta play.