Rugs of Pride

Presented as a contender for "The coolest rug of all time". Dragon with arms, demon, snakes, and super battle babe with wicked scimitar. It truly has it all. Would also be a contender for coolest van mural, were this epic artwork on the side of a van. But sadly it is not - another addition to my "If I won the lottery" list. I would buy the pimpiest van laden with the shaggiest shag sporting this masterpiece on the outside as I cruise the Loop at the beach. So cool.
This Russian family is very proud of their rug. It's no dragon rug, to be sure, but it's nice. Who's the lady in the middle of this photo? Second wife or oldest daughter? Relative? Friend? Anyone read Russian? Or is it Greek? I love that there are Russian (and Spanish and Greek and German and Japanese and every language, probably, that accesses the internet) versions of classic internet memes. The meme is beyond language - everyone gets the joke. At different levels.


l.e.s.ter said...

Based on my crap-ass internet sleuthing, I would say that meme is "A good worth his weight in gold." And also that it's a popular Russian motivational tag. So great that these things cross all borders. But really, Americans do it much better.

Redshirt said...

Yeah, it's not that funny. Must be a Russian thang.