Wasn't meant to be a playbook

I encourage you to read 1984 again, or for the first time if you never have before. It's scarily prescient. Consider Fox News - just about everything they say and do are ripped from the pages of this Orwellian classic. "Fair and Balanced". "We Report. You Decide". Dissonance all day, every day. Pure Doublethink.

And we're caught in the gyre, a small percentage of lunatics and lizards representing an even smaller percentage of wealthy and powerful hold America hostage, and thereby directly threatening the world. Witness the evil deeds of the Murdoch empire in England and behold what has been going on in America for some time: Tycoons shaking the very pillars of democracy in the name of their own Profits.  They've successfully taken all the pointers helpfully laid out by Orwell and directly applied them to our Real World, with fantastic results.

Orwell would no doubt roll in his grave, were he not most likely dust and ashes by now.

As will we all, some day. So, might as well enjoy the ride, no matter how insane.


Blue Collared Snob said...

I'm thinking that if all the tycoons had read Dance Band on the Titanic, things would have been a little different.

l.e.s.ter said...

Actual lede of DBotT:

"The girl was committing suicide again on the lower afterdeck. They'd told me I'd get used to it, but after four times I could still only pretend to ignore it, pretend that I didn't hear the body go over, hear the splash, and the scream as she was sucked into the screws."

Redshirt said...

Maybe we should form a book club with the sole mission of reading DBotT?

And discussing it, of course.