in the mist

We live at the bottom of a sea we call "Atmosphere". It's all around us, of course, but sometimes cries out for attention:
We swim in it, breathe it in, live off it. Take this sea away and we'd flop around for a few moments than seize up dramatically, and die. Fish out of water is what it is.

So consider this before considering everything else: You can't trust your opinion, or, you should not trust your opinion. For, where does it come from?

Like Old Money. The Older the Better. Check out this sweet display of truly ostentatious wealth:
Still on the drawing board - alas! One positive for there being so many super rich is the displays of wealth, some of it even longstanding and for the community benefit.Skyscrapers, new architecture, and super awesome mega yachts - with roads! Thank you, Super Rich!


l.e.s.ter said...

Cool shots! What's going on with the Italian lake? Boat traffic under cloud cover?

Redshirt said...

I believe it's a city actually, shrouded in fog, with the rich folk up in the mountains above it all. In Italy.