Calm like a Bomb

There's always been crazy ass Americans. Difference is these days, they've got the keys to the kingdom, and are calling all the shots. Which are crazy. Pray a Perry or FSM help us all a Palin doesn't get elected. It'll be the end of us all.

Nuclear explosion during a good old fashioned Nevada detonation. It's beautiful, in a "UR F'd" kinda way. Powered by nuclear fission, which is quite simply splitting a heavy element into lighter elements. This splitting releases energy, and a chain reaction event releases a metric fuckton of death waves. An explosion like the above probably used only a teaspoonful of matter. You, right now, have the power of many, many nuclear bombs packed inside your body.
Think of it! We are near a day when some crazy hustler Holy Roller could get the codes to launch nuclear weapons. Religion and Science, together at last! It's like a cautionary sci-fi yarn.

Remember: These are the same folks who are rooting on the Rapture. FSM help us all if they can actually push the Big Red Button.

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