Favorite Button

I like buttons. I'm sure you do too - they do so much. Can you imagine a world without buttons? Dreadful!

"Random" is my favorite button - as in on the oldest of the CD players where "Random" was introduced, along with the multi disc changer, and suddenly a new world of music was born.

I like the "Back" button too. But also high on the list is the BIG RED BUTTON. You know shit's goin' down when you hit the BRB.  Like an attack by a power-gloved smug 80's cool kid:
Many kids could not handle the massive electrical charges. You needed to be super cool to don the glove. Speaking of historical toys:
Made in America baby! My Uncle had one of these back in the day, and he had a kitten named Bobby Kenevel that loved to chase it, smashing headfirst into the hallway wall over and over and over. The kitten didn't last long. Daredevils seldom do.
Except maybe in Robot Donut Land, where everything, always, turns out awesome.


Joey Polanski said...

Let's have buttons everywhere, on everything -- but no

Buttons down my fly, 'cuz I might REALLY have to go.

Redshirt said...

I don't get button fly jeans. Why? It seems like a bathroom disaster in the making. The zipper seems far superior - one case, alas, where the button fails.