Space Vikings

These cool DIY dudes in Denmark got together and said to themselves, collectively, "Why don't we build a Submarine?". So they did, as you see above. A cute little one! But big enough...
Here's the same sub, in service to this same gang of Danish dudes who are now working on a rocket to take a Dane into space. Space, the Final Frontier.
Pretty shot. Here's their web site: Copenhagen Suborbitals. This is a very promising, though profound, movement. I mean, really, a DIY gang putting a man into Space? It's crazy! And awesome. Their launch failed on their first attempt last year, but they gave it another go recently, and success! Unmanned first launch:
Where we go from here - a rocket in every driveway? Widespread missile attacks? Who knows. But it will be exciting regardless. Inevitably, though, over the Millennia, there is only one way for this to evolve:
 Guard your Space treasures well, future folk.


l.e.s.ter said...

Homemade missiles and homemade subs are two things I would not want to be a test pilot for. Pretty amazing that they're pulling these things off, though. It's fun to root for an underdog, which is what's made America more unpleasant in recent years. Love that Space Viking concept. Grab the movie rights!

Joey Polanski said...

Let's just hope those DIYers don't get it in their heads to start ... y'know ... enriching uranium.

Redshirt said...

Someone will figure out. Imagine! A DIY hipster with the Bomb.