Glories of a Forgotten Past

Behold the glories of pulp sci-fi, from Germany! There once were days, children, when semi-popular magazines published short stories from all sorts of genres. What else was there to do but read? There was no wondrous intertubes, and if you were lucky enough to have TV, there were like 4 channels, tops. Can you imagine the boredom?! Radio could be fun, but are you going to hear about freaky alien jazz planets? Doubt it. And so you read, and because people read, people wrote, all over the place. So, with that, here's some of the finest European literature of the 60's:
Uh, is the Brother a space port? A mechanical monster? You decide.
Here's some futuristic French aliens performing space mime experiments of some sort.
Perhaps this dude? Lettin' it all hang out like he don't care. Speaking of:

Legolas and Gimli - best of friends!


l.e.s.ter said...

Ghetto Borg?? We gotta make that movie.

Joey Polanski said...

Nietzsche's ├╝bermensch had lost

What made him ominous.

Translated to Latin, he

Was merely Homo Plus.

Redshirt said...

Homo, all too Homo.

Joey Polanski said...

Homo, and THEN SOME ...