World's Finest

I just got the leaked script to 2015's "Superman and Batman". Apparently, the two will team up (with Robin) to stop some kids from illegally swimming.

Should be awesome.


muddy said...

Swimming the Rio Grande no doubt. If only we really had superheroes to guard our borders we wouldn't need a massive wall.

Redshirt said...

Have you read "The Dark Knight Returns" by Frank Miller? If not, and you like Batman and Superman, you should.

muddy said...

I haven't. I was overseas as a kid, so had few comics. My son was into X-Men. My knowledge of either Superman or Batman is scant.

One time when I brought my son to the comic store I found an old copy of Firehair, which I didn't know was an actual thing. American kids overseas called me that, and I thought it was just what they made up.

So here's this redhaired teenage girl leading a Native American tribe (Hear the cries of the avenging redskins!) and has a comic. So funny. I bought the comic of course and framed it.

Redshirt said...

Spoiler! TDKR is set in the 80's, and has a decrepit Reagan using Superman as America's enforcer.

Could Firehair shoot or otherwise control fire?

muddy said...

No, she's just a teenage girl with a perky ponytail and a sexy mole who carries the White Man's Burden of leading these people. I guess it's a little subversive in that she's on that side, but still... ugh.

It's been 15 years since it went in a frame, I don't remember the details of her story. This is going by the cover. I'd take a picture of it (too lazy to take out and scan) if you want.

I saw this but the one I have seems more modern, looks like an old style Barbie

Funny that I never googled Firehair until now.

Redshirt said...

A sexy mole is not much of a superpower.