Even more cat stuff for-from the Internet

Ceiling Cat and Basement Cat wage their eternal battle, but what of Fridge Cat? And look at all that beer!

Yo, Pussy. Or Ms. Tabby, if you're nasty. I heard the Intertubes likes cat stuff. So here's some more cool cat stuff for your cat approval.
You ever see a picture of a cat being held by monkey wherein the cat is not totally chill? Exactly. Think about it.
Cats love all life equally, except for things slightly larger than them, and everything smaller. Then it's claws of death.
Not a shop. Cats are natural born killers and are on a genocide campaign across the world against birds. And bugs.
And rodents and bunnies and chipmunks and like I said, everything smaller or just about the same size. They're the terminators of the mammal world - all cats. Like land sharks.
Can you imagine a Catnado? We'd all be crying blood, if not already bleeding out entirely.
Cats! The frisky, fuzzy, purring widdle fluffballs of DEATH.

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