"CHILDREN for sale! Get your fresh CHILDREN, HEAH!"

"Hey! Dude! 4 CHILDREN UP HEAH!"

"4 CHILDREN coming up!"

"42.50 buddy!"


muddy said...

I saw a cartoon decades ago of Kirk and Spock on the bridge of the Enterprise, they each had 2 mini versions of themselves hanging onto their legs and shrieking. Caption was: Attack of the Klingons!

My son and his cousin were of an age to hang on mom's leg and be dragged around the kitchen whilst screaming for supper (I hasten to say they were babies/toddlers).

We called them Klingons for a long time.

This statue is clearing the decks of his Klingons, damn.

Redshirt said...

What cartoon was this? TAS?

muddy said...

It wasn't any famous cartoon. It was a 3x5 in a local free paper. Must have been more than 25 years ago.

It was on the fridge for a long time, but that was long ago. Sadly no scanners or links back then.