Chaos is hip for the childless

Sure, when you're 27, chaos might seem pretty cool. Nihilism might be awesome at 25. Anarchy is your goal at 21. But, I observe in my gathering dotage, once you have children, these and similar philosophies lose all appeal. I mean, who wants their child to grow up in a Dystopian Thunderdome? Libertarians, maybe. Though I doubt that too.

Also, what the hell is a fox? Dog? Cat? Dogcat? Also too, in New Gondolin news, I had found a rabbit friend who would come up to me in the woods and watch what I was doing. I'd talk to her - "Hi, Mrs. Rabbit. How's life? How are the kids? Hope you're eating well - the grass looks tasty." Etc. She wasn't much of a conversationalist, but she'd twitch her nose and listen. Great listener. Anyways, the other day I came upon an odd looking scat on a trail the rabbit frequently frequented, and consulting my "Big Book o' Scat", I narrowed it down to some type of fox. And I've not seen Mrs. Rabbit since - 6 days! I fear the worst, and I doubt my reward for information will bring any clarity onto this distressing situation.

If you were taken, Mrs. Rabbit, well, I hope your calories help the fox's kids. Cycle of life and all that. RIP.


l.e.s.ter said...

So, how many months in the woods before you started talking to rabbits? I don't even remember what the over-under was.

Redshirt said...

I've never stopped talking with animals. Or children. Or skipping in rain showers. Life!

Marmot said...

You gotta help a newcomer out -- you live deep on the woods and cavort with the fauna? TO cavort with the fauna?

Redshirt said...

Technically, I live high up on a mountain in the middle of the deep woods. And yes, I talk with (not cavort, necessarily) with the animals.

You don't talk with animals? I thought everyone did.