Teach them well

Might as well have a beer too. What's the diff? Little juggalo got to learn how to party early, you know?
Another juggalo Mom. Don't know what a juggalo is? GO NO FURTHER! Ask no more questions! Ignorance is bliss.
Like, better to know this never happened, right? And yet here we are. SPRING BREAK!!!! Not juggalos, as far as I can tell - I'm not an expert though. They have to be Americans, however - who else drinks Bud?
British Pub baby only drinks Bass.


skramly said...

Lordy. The photos on these posts are so horrifying. Make me feel like parent of the year, however, so... thanks! ;)

Redshirt said...

Glad to help! Admittedly, it's a low bar to clear.

AbstruseOddity said...

A girl I dated in high school became a Juggalo after we broke up and I went off to college. No joke, she's homeless and sleeps under the bridges downtown. I see her when I'm driving down the boulevard. I tried talking to her once, it diidn't go so great.

I've been finishing p a huge project at work, so I didn't have time to check this blog, but I checked it today, and commented!

Redshirt said...

That's sad about your ex. She's probably got some serious mental issues.

Good luck with your project!

AbstruseOddity said...

She does, child of poverty and abuse; memtal, sexual, emotional. I too have serious mental health issues, so I feel even worse for her. I can afford my health insurance which covers my $1,000.00 a month meds and therapy.

Someone once said to me that "there is but one human condition." but that shit seems arrogant to me. IDK.

Redshirt said...

We're all "crazy". However, some have serious chemical imbalances that severely impact their day to day. These are the people who need the most help, not living under bridges. We've kicked these poor folks onto the streets and expect nothing to come of it.