Party on

Party on, baby Garth! Party on, baby Wayne!

I remember enjoying "Wayne's World" immensely when it came out - funny stuff! I watched it recently and barely chuckled. Am I broken, or was the movie not very funny, past its time?
Party on, baby Kim Jong-il! May your son find temptation in western ways!

Have you seen "Team America:World Police"? If not, you should. Puppets! It's also hilarious, though I suppose I should guard that assessment, as it's been many years since I've seen it. Perhaps it, too, is no longer funny. Being old now and all.
Party on, baby redshirt. Though really that's a Captain Picard shirt, IE you're Captain, baby. Get a hold of yourself and get to the Bridge!

You see, TNG messed with the colors, making the Redshirts untouchable command types, rather than sacrificial Federation fodder. Roddenberry be praised!


Marc Daniele Goecke said...

Did someone ever explain why the federation changed the colors of the uniforms? Can't help myself thinking about it everytime I watch the TOS.

Redshirt said...

Good question! My just concluded half ass search of the internet provided no answer, but this is a topic worth digging in to. I shall endeavour to find an answer.

Blue Collared Snob said...

Maybe it had to do with the movies, everyone wore red after TMP, with the exception of the turtlenecks.

Everything is a product of its time, from Star Trek to Wayne's World. TOS had all those colors because Color TVs were a big thing, the movies modernized things a bit but still you are looking at push buttons and CRT monitors on the bridge, TNG was carpeted everything on the ship and now in the new movie the bridge looks like an Apple Store.

Redshirt said...

Heh. Totally true about new Trek. I'm not the biggest fan, cuz I am grumpy old man.

Still doesn't explain color change for Command positions. Why red? Why the change from gold? There appears to be no answer to this critical question.