Both sides do it

You see? Because this photoshop was created, LIBERALS are as bad as noble Conservatives. Both sides do it, and in fact, Conservatives are just responding to LIBERAL SLANDERS. Sure, Conservative rule inevitably leads to the deaths of thousands and a continued decay of all that is good and sturdy. But, LIBERALS!

The fevered brain of the wingnut, insipid in its glowing hot hatred. You want to think of them as normal folk, because that's what you - an intelligent person - naturally wants to do. Respect. But hear me true - they're insane, and cannot be reasoned with. To them, W. was a Titan of awesome Presidenting, and OBAMER is a failure beyond description, beyond Carter. Even if the facts are completely opposite. Facts have no place in this brave new world order.

There's a pretend war (made real) on. Are you in?

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