Bumper Sticker Revelation

I bet he loves Jesus too. What Wingnut doesn't? Just a co-incidence, though. Right wing anger has nothing to do with Religion.
He really doesn't like Islam. Wonder why? Personal interaction with Muslims? Right wing brainwashing?

Also too, I had a revelation: I've come to appreciate dumb right wing bumper stickers. Anyone who would willingly put such stupidity and hate on their vehicles has a 98% probability of being dumb ass morans. Easy identification. And best to avoid morans whenever you can. Thanks, morans!


l.e.s.ter said...

Yow. That's some collection. A lot of Arab taxicab drivers in Kentucky? I also like that the driver has a handicapped license plate, but encourages people to stop his vehicle and engage him in "holy war." If it is a he. I guess I'm stereotyping there.

Redshirt said...

One wonders how much money he gets from the Government per month.

But this is the power of Wingnut. Blinding dissonance.