A CT Yankee on a Texas Ranch

It's in velvet. Glorious velvet art. So ironic! Just like a blue blood Yankee buying a ranch in Texas just before an election, and then selling it promptly when out of office. Ironic! Or is that co-incidental?
Intentionally over the top, it seems, if not on the mark. A so called Christian President launched a brutal war over lies and oh yeah, oil. And Daddy. And many people have died. And for what? So Saddam Hussein no longer keeps Iran in check.

Also too, just for sayin', if the Antichrist were real, wouldn't he come back as a seemingly devout Christian? Who would suspect 'em? Best disguise.
What an amazing feat to identify this fake head as that of W. How could you tell? But once it came out, yeah, that's him. Not cool, but I buy the producer's excuse - they bought a lot of Bush masks at a discount for use in special effects. However, that harmless logic was not enough for the Wingnuts, who howled with rage. GoT producers promptly went back and edited it out. Correct decision? I suppose - it is not cool to even hint at the death of any President. And if that's true, should it not be uncool to hint at the death of anyone? How about the Sept up there on a pike? Alas, no one rages for her.

Also as well - the Old Man brought up this shot as an example of "BOTH SIDES DO IT". My only reply was a shake of a head and a " you know it's a TV show and it was a prop, right?" But he's been infected with Foxitis, and the low fever is cooking his brain. So no, BOTH SIDES ARE JUST AS BAD.

I don't get it. How can you see it that way? It's not even close.

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