Spoiler Alert!

I've not read the book, nor seen the movie. But I gather there's a dog involved, and said dog goes from pup to old age. And dies, according to this spoiler - I sure hope not!

Do dog deaths upset you more than people deaths, fictionally speaking? I mean, often, the people had it coming - how many action films have you watched and witnessed hundreds of people's deaths with barely a shrug, or even, a thrill? Yeah! Dogs, on the other hand, are almost always innocent, and every dog death in fiction is tragic and heartbreaking. A weird imbalance, yes?


l.e.s.ter said...

Bums with dogs complain because people always want to do something to help out the dogs. If Wikipedia is to be believed, your spoiler alert is accurate. The dog dies.

Redshirt said...

There must be some associated benefit. I bet if you did a study, on average, bums with dogs would get more handouts/money than bums without.