Black and white memories

My mental images of the past - all of the past, well, from the 1950's to the beginning of time - are in black and white. People lived in black and white back then, right?

Of course not. Their sky, blue, their grass, green, their dirt and wood, brown and tall. Just like our world. But having seen enough black and white photos of recent history, I've been programmed to think of the past as B&W. It's weird, but I think pretty common. And hence how shocking it is to see an old time dude or event in color. Honest Abe looks fine in color, and is ugly as sin. Can you imagine him running for President today? LOL Abe.
Tolstoy, Leo (1908). Looks like he could be in an old time hippy band, playing bass or rhythm guitar.
Zindan Prison in Bukhara, 1907. Good times, good times. In color!

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