Another day 'troopin'

Some workplaces are better than others - some days, better than others. From certain points of view. For example, you could be 'troopin' on some sweet diplomatic mission to the Beach Planet, or camped out for the night in the charred ruins of some pointless Suburban Mall Planet, toasting a dead comrade. Just a matter of luck, I suppose - gallows luck, in the scheme of things.


Blue Collared Snob said...

The weird thing is if you are a trooper and your buddy does buy it, he looks just like the man you see in the mirror every morning. How does that not cause some sort of PTSD in Stormtroopers after a few decades?

Redshirt said...

Must have been a head trip. I'm sure they were brainwashed pretty well though too. Bred to serve and die.