Aquadogs (What a country!)

What a country! What a world. This guy gets an idea - hey! Dogs underwater are funny. People love their dogs. Maybe they'll pay me good money to take pictures of their dogs underwater. And verily it was so. FSM bless America. Enjoy.
Cute but terrifying in a "doll come to murderous life" kinda way.
Aw gosh aw gosh I'm in it now!
What are you thinking of?
Work like parachutes.
Like dogs in general, mostly cute and awesome but just below the surface, sometimes revealed, wild monsters of fang and claw.
Protip! No matter how well you know the dogs and how cool said dogs might be, never stick your hand in between two of their mouths when they're set on something. Only scars will result.
Also too, cuz it's cool and apropos:
This is the baby from Nirvana's "Nevermind" cover. All grown up! Time, man. It doth fly.

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