Master Pranks of the Subcontinent, Volume 2

Amazing pic. Cheers to the gumption of the pranksters, for this truly is a master prank - look at all the folks involved, and the timing, and obvious preparation. But jeers to such pranking - I hate pranksters! Think of the graduation ruined, the faculty furious, expulsions and firings and all kinds of cacophony. It's just not right - laughs at other's expense should never be. Respect, people: It's a two way street.

There's probably a formula which expresses the frequency and nature of pranking with the manner of the punishment, ergo, a society which allows pranking yet still metes out fair justice is a balanced, and healthy society. A society where pranking is out of control is chaos and disorder. A society that fears to prank fears for its life. Or is some boring Stepford world.


l.e.s.ter said...

Prank or protest? The men on the rooftop all seem to be of a similar class (caste?), different from the group below. Does our society allow protest, but still mete out fair justice? Or are we Stepford-bound?

Redshirt said...

I'm not sure how you can tell that about the folks pulling the prank.

As for our society, we are well into Stepford. The shit I got away with in the 80's would most definitely not be tolerated in the same school today. Kids get suspended for Advil n' shit.

But compared to the 70's, the 80's were harsh and draconian, right? I think we came of age right at the beginning of the great Authoritarian rise, and subsequent restrictions on general happiness. Bummer, but cool that we get to live through the transition.