A Gentleman and a Ninja

As is typical, I'm not sure where this is from, or if it's real, or what the heck. Olde Tymey Kung Fu I'm guessing. English Gentleman style.Victorian badass.

I've long wanted to walk with a cane for this very reason - wonderful defense tool. Also, you can pimp it out with an 8 ball shifter and flames n' shit. 21st century cane revival!


Wolfaert said...

That is a form of martial arts called Bartitsu. There's quite the revival happening in this form thanks, in part, to the surge in steampunk popularity.

Redshirt said...

So cool! Thanks so much for the knowledge, as I had no idea - though perhaps I should have.

Fascinating wiki on the subject. An interesting discipline.

Martin Banus said...

Hi , judging for the positions of the fighters this could be part of the Kukishin -ryu Hanbojutsu techniques.
Far fron Kung-Fu is which is purely Chinese, this is part of the Bushido from Japan.
For reference :

Redshirt said...

Thanks Martin. I love how human body positions have historical reference points. :)