Littler Knitler Loves To Sew

Isn't the English language odd? Fer instance, the word "sew" seems very similar to the word "Jew", but they're pronounced completely different - [Seinfeld] what's up with that? [/Seinfeld]

Hitler fascination is funny, to me - cuz everything is, of course. Life's a comedy. To reference Hitler is to invoke EVIL. Well deserved - Hitler will go down as one of history's greatest monsters. But! I think the lesson is slipping away, as old folks die, and the era fades into the past. Soon enough Hitler will just be a generic boogeyman/Big Bad, but with less and less impact. Eventually he'll fade into the pantheon of Bad Dudes throughout time, and sure enough someone else will have stepped up to take his place.

For evil is just a word in English, man, but what it tries to describe is not demons or malicious spirits, but rather the hate and greed within ourselves. Each of us, everyone, holds so called Heaven and Hell inside them, for each of us to decide how it shall be. Those rare few who rise to power are always to be mistrusted to some degree, for power does indeed corrupt, and it is the rare individual who is not in some way corrupted by it.

The key to avoiding the next Hitler is to believe in ourselves and our ability to find common bonds with each other. Fascism can only rise when a big enough percentage of the population gives in to base instincts, propaganda, and hate. These tendencies can only be checked by constant vigilance.

And yay, verily, my point: We here in America are right on the fine line. We could tip into fascism so quickly right now it's downright terrifying - the wrong man gets into the White House, controls the Senate and Congress, stacks the Courts, takes control over the military directly and it's Empire America for real, and not just in cunning disguise.

One man truly does protect us - and while I certainly maintain a certain skepticism of all power, I give this man my trust unreservedly: Barack Hussein Obama, a great leader not simply because of his skill and acumen, but his very being: He's calm personified, humble and graceful with a sense of humor and a tolerance I could never achieve. I love him, for real, and will do everything I can to get him re-elected, for he is a mighty bulwark against a future fascist America, and for that we should all be struggling.

Wow what a rambling post! Here's some more stitching:
Hell Bastard.

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