I can fly!

Entitled, "Man jumps from midtown building". Or, "The courage of your convictions". Does this look like a 'shop to you? I'm thinking yes, because of the thumb. It looks off - that's my professional opinion. I'm meta, though, so 'shop or not, if it's funny, it's good.

Also, at age 5, I believed I figured out the secret to flying. You see, I watched the old black and white Superman show very carefully, and could detect no wires or any trickery, so, clearly, Superman was flying. And if he could fly, I could fly, as long as I duplicated the effort. So I made a Superman costume and pinned a towel around my neck for a cape and with a mighty "Up, Up and Away" I jumped down the long flight of stairs at my Grandmother's house.
I somehow didn't break anything, and come to think of it, that might be my superpower, rather than flying, which to this day I am sad to report, I've not yet mastered.

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